New SmarterMail v16 Redesign Notes

I hope this note helps you enjoy the newest version of Smartermail.
If you use Microsoft Outlook (or something similar) to read and reply to email on your local desktop computer, you may notice faster speeds but see nothing defferent from within Outlook. 
If, however, you use a web browser to access webmail, you'll immediately notice the new user interface is very different. It's: 
  • Faster than any previous version
  • Mobile device and tablet friendly
  • Compatible with all the latest browsers
  • Has a clean appearance
  • Offers many new features for advanced users
For more information about this major upgrade, please read the orientation article located here:   
There's also an online Help system available within Smartermail. Simply click the colored initial icon at the top, right-hand corner of the Smartermail screen (in this case, the orange "H" in the image below, yours will be a different letter) and select "Online Help" in the drop down menu that appears:
We hope this helps you learn and enjoy the newest version of Smartermail as much as we do!