How To Submit A Support Ticket?

Credentials required: Any Administrative Personnel
If you have not registered for our support portal please complete the registration process before following these steps.
Goal: Learn how to submit a support ticket.
1.  On the “Admin Home” menu, click the "Support" menu option.

2.  In the "Support Portal", click "Login".
3. Complete the Log in form, and click "Login".

4. After clicking "Login", click "Tickets".  Then, click "Start Ticket".

5.  On the New Ticket page, select "Reseller Portal Support" as the department. Then, click "Continue".

6.  Using the New Ticket form, and in as much detail as possible complete the form.  When typing the "Message Body", be sure to give as much information as possible to help our support team resolve issues quickly.  Screenshots and other supplemental media are welcome.  Once done filling out the New Ticket form, click "Submit Ticket".

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