New Dashboard Orientation

Credentials required: Any Administrative Personnel
Goal: Understand the new Administrative Dashboard.
The Current Day Marketplace Health chart provides a snapshot of daily market equity.  Relative marketplace bubble size represents the number of ads in the marketplace while the color of the bubble presents the marketplace health.  The marketplace loss margins correspond with health grades and colors.  Click the marketplace to view the Marketplace Health Report.

The UP Deviation report gives insights into daily pricing trends for the top products.  The yellow dot represents UP, while the blue bar presents the range of prices.  Hovering over a blue bar shows the product name along with the minimum and maximum prices for the day.  The y-axis is labeled with prices, while the x-axis is marked by product names.
The Top Offenders report provides a quick look at repeat offenders of UPP.  10 Resellers make up the top offenders report.  Each offender is accompanied with the number of offenses today, over 30 days and over a year.  Clicking a resellers Seller Name takes you to the Online Seller History Details page for the reseller.  Internet status is included in this report although top offenders can be register or unknown resellers.

The Online Ads by Market report gives a quick historical view at market activity.  The stopping point of each color represents the total number of ads by marketplace. The display dates can be changed to show the trends of any time period desired.

The Recent Price Drops report provides a glace at pricing trends.  Every time a new low price is reached the product, price, marketplace, and seller name s recorded here.Click the product sku/model to go to the Online Product Pricing History page for the product.  Click the seller name to go to the Online Seller History Details page for the seller.

The Non-Compliance report focuses on historical data presenting the percentage of ads below UP over time.  Using the display dates boxes you can control the time period shown.  Numbers along the left side of the chart represent the total number of ads.  While numbers along the right side represent the percentage below UP.  Hovering over a bar will show the date and the total number of ads.  Click a bar to go to the Online Seller Analysis for that date.

The Market Trends report uses historical data to provide an overview of all online ads.  Display dates can be used to manipulate data over different time periods.  Along the y-axis, numbers represent the number of ads. While dates line the x-axis.  Hovering over data points will show the date and the number of ads in the category.  There are four categories: Total Ads, Ads Above UP, Ads Below UP and Unauthorized Offers.

The Portal Activity Summary presents users with an overview of reseller registration activity.  Using the "Filter by Reseller Type" drop down allows you to choose the type of registrations you would like to see in the chart (i.e. Internet, Credit, Commercial).  While the "Filter by Account Type" drop down allows you to select an acout type (i.e. Direct, Indirect, National) to view in the chart.

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