Introduction to the Online Pricing History

Goal: Learn to understand the Online Pricing History.
The Online Pricing History provides comprehensive historical insight into your products and markets. By presenting data in a way that allows one to understand how a pricing strategy is working.  Here you can hone in on each product viewing pricing trends and marketplace fluctuations.  Start by selecting a product to focus on, then view daily ad trends or expand date options to view each ad for the product.
1.  The Online Pricing History allows a product centered historical view of monitoring results.  Begin by selecting a product.

2.  Results can be filtered to include "All Sellers", “Only Registered Resellers” or a particular seller. "Display Dates" can be manipulated to show the timeline of choice.  After loaded each line is made of product data that can be expanded to see the day's ads for the given product.

3. While collapsed each product has 10 data points: Date Collected, UP/PUP, Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Rakuten, Sears, and Walmart.



4.  Once expanded each add has 7 data points: Seller Name, Username, Product Name,Offer $, Marketplace, Web Page, and Seller.



5. Data from the Online Pricing History can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for offline use and manipulation, by clicking “Download Product History”.



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