How to add a custom special

Specials typically appear on the homepage and main shop page, although they can be located on other pages as well.

There are two types of specials: product specials and custom specials.  Product specials are directly associated with a product in the online store.  Custom specials are not directly associated with a product;  they can be thought of as 'freeform' specials.

To add a custom special:
- Navigate to the page in Edit mode.
- Click Add a Special.
- Select Custom Special.
- Enter title and description.
- Enter full url, including 'http://'
- Open link in new tab? Yes (unless you are linking to something within the site)
- Click Update.

To add an image to the special:
- Navigate to the page in Edit mode.
- Click the pencil icon for that special.
- Browse to an image file on your local PC, and click the Save Image button.
- Click Update.

- There is no limit to the number of specials within each set.
- You may leave the title, description, and/or URL blank if desired,
- In general, there is a maximum image width which depends on the website layout.  Depending on the site, images may or may not be automatically resized for you when you click the Save Image button.  (The maximum image width for DDG-style sites in 150px.)