Introduction to the Online Seller Analysis

Goal: Learn to understand the Online Seller Analysis.
More than price monitoring the Online Seller Analysis allows you to focus on individual resellers in all related markets.  This market intelligence puts historic data to work identifying volatile resellers and repeat offenders.  The Online Seller Analysis can invigorate your product and pricing strategy with everything you would like to know about your resellers.
1.  The Online Seller Analysis allows a seller centered view of the day's monitoring results.  Results can be filtered to “Registered Resellers (Both Approved and Unauthorized)” and to “Internet Approved Resellers”. Each line is made of product data that can be expanded to see daily ads from the seller.

2.  While collapsed each product has 4 data points and 2 links: Seller Name, Username, # Products Below MAP, # Products At/Above MAP, Seller Info, Download

3. Once expanded each ad has 8 data points and 1 link: SKU/Model, Product Name, , MSRP, UMAP, PMAP, Offer $, % of, Marketplace, Web Page.



4. Data from the Online Seller Analysis can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for offline use and manipulation, by clicking “Download Online Seller Overview” to download all seller's information or clicking download to download the information for an individual seller.



What's Next

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