Introduction to the Online Product Summary.

Goal: Learn to understand the Online Product Summary.
The Online Product Summary provides comprehensive, daily insight into your products and markets. By presenting a product’s ‘market equity’ with both known and unknown resellers, the Online Product Summary delivers powerful knowledge that is used to drive your pricing and partnerships strategy while keeping you informed of known as well as unknown reseller’s specific activities –supportive ads &/or any non-acquiescence to policies. 
1.  The Online Product Summary allows a product centered view of the days monitoring results.  Results can be filtered to “Only Include Registered Resellers” and to “Only Include Approved Resellers”. Each line is made of product data that can be expanded to see the current days ads for the given product.

2.  While collapsed each product has 10 data points: Sku, Family, Description, MSRP, UMAP, PMAP, Minimum Ad Price, Maximum Ad Price, Numbers Below P/UMAP, and the Total Number Of Online Ads. 

3. Once expanded each add has 12 data points: Seller Name, Username, Approved?, Internet Approved?, Rep Code, Account Type, Description, Offer Price, Percentage off P/UMAP, Market, Web Page, and Seller Page.



4. Data from the Online Product Summary can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for offline use and manipulation, by clicking “Download Online Product Summary”.



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