How to Edit Seller Names?

Credentials required: Pre-Existing Reseller or Delete Reseller Admin


Goal: Learn how to edit the seller name associated with online marketplaces.


 1. On the “Admin Home” page. Click “Review Internet Resellers”.



 2. Understanding the “Review Internet Resellers” page: You will see the “Review Internet Resellers” page. This page allows you to both view the status of resellers that have registered in your portal as well as click an reseller to view and edit thier “Internet Reseller Details”.


3. On the “Review Internet Resellers” page. You can search for internet resellers using many different filtering methods. By clicking to expand the the reseller status filter you can choose the specific type of internet resellers you are looking for.

4. By clicking to expand the “search by” options. You can click the type of information you would like to enter to filter the internet reseller(s) you would like to manage. Then by typing the information you would like to filter by and click ‘filter’.
5. After you have filtered the viewable internet resellers. You can click the ‘Company’ name of the internet reseller you would like to manage.

6. By clicking the ‘Company’ name. You will be taken to the “Internet Reseller Details” page. Here you view all information associated with the internet reseller’s profile. Scroll down until you can see the ‘Review Website URLs’ section and click the edit pencil next to the “Seller Name” you would like to edit.



7. After clicking the edit pencil. You will see the “Add a Website URL” page. You can click within the ‘Seller/Merchant Name’ textbox and type the correct seller name you would like associated with the selected internet reseller. Then click ‘Update’.



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