How To Complete A Bulk Product Import?

Credentials required: Pricing Grid Manager Admin
Goal: Learn how to update product data through the Bulk Product Import tool.
1.  From the "Admin Home" menu expand "Pricing Grid Manager" to view and click "Bulk Product Import".

2. On the Source Excel File page of the "Bulk Product Imports" process you can select the Excel file with the extension '.xls' from your local files and folders and upload the file by clicking "Next".

3. On the 'Settings' page, choose the import file. Click  "Next".


4.  On the 'Mapping' page, confirm the drop-down values (from the Excel File column headers) match up with the intended fields.  If any column was not used select "<Ignore>".  Click "Next".


"Import ID" must be unique.

It is important to note that Product Import ID, Product Name, Category Name, MSRP, UMAP, and Scraper Export are all required fields in the import file and must exist with required values in order to be successfully update product data. In order to make use of all the functions available in the Bulk Product Import tool it is best to have all fields in the import file.

5.  On the 'Results' page, view the results of the import process.  Errors and warnings will be noted with line numbers from the import file.  If any errors were found the even product will not be updated or created.


What's Next

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