Introduction to Connecting to the Dropbox via FTP Server with FileZilla

File Transfer Protocol can be pretty tricky for first time users, but we are here to help.  In this document you will find a step by step method of how to connect to the Dropbox with FileZilla and the things you can do with FileZilla


 Connect using the QuickConnect function, Enter the following information into the named textboxes.



After clicking QuickConnect, you will recieve two pop-up prompts, the one below being the first.  We do not recomend you allow the program to remeber your password but we do recommend keeping it close.


After connecting to a server for the first time here is what you do on the second pop-up window.  You must trust the certificate in order to carry on connecting, thusly we advise clicking the "Always trust certificate in future sessions." box.  After doing so, continue by clicking "OK".


Now that you are connected the left window shows all your local files and folders.  The right window shows the image files and documents currently in the dropbox.  From here you can drag and drop files from your computer's local files to the dropbox folder, delete files already in the dropbox, and download files from the dropbox to your local folders on your computer.


Please note: To have the product images show properly on the site, the image file name text in the data base 1 must completely match the file name in the dropbox 2.  Any extra text, case variations, or leaving the file extention (.png in this case) could cause the product and the image not to connect on the site.