How To Produce MSRP/UMAP/PMAP Pricing Grids?

Credentials required: Pricing Grid Manager Admin
Goal: Learn how to produce UMAP/PMAP Grids.
1.  On the “Admin Home” menu, click the "Pricing Grid Manager" menu option.

2.  On the "Pricing Grid Manager" page, click "Start Pricing Grid Wizard".
3.  On the "Basic Settings" page, name the grid.  Add a start and end date, then select (or upload) a logo. Click 'Next'.

5.  On the "Layout" page, choose a product sort order and the columns to display.  Add the necessary header, footer and disclaimers. Click 'Next'.

6.  On the "Product Choice" page, expand the product categories to select products for the grid.  Confirm or change the price points.  Click "Finished".

Checking 'All Categories/Products' at the top of the listings includes all products in the database.

7.  After clicking "Finished", a pop-up window will display the new price grid.

If pop ups are blocked you may not see the document. In this case return to the Grid Manager main page where you will find it in the list of UMAP Grids and other price sheet documents and click its "View" button to open it in a new browser tab.

What's Next

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