How Do I Bulk Import Dealer Locations?

Credentials required: Edit Locations
Goal: Learn how to bulk import locations (click here to download template).
1.  On the “Admin Home” page, expand the "Review Resellers" menu option to click "Bulk Location Import".

2.  After clicking "Bulk Location Import", enter the username that you wish to add locations to then click "Validate User Name".

3.  On the "Source Excel File" page, attach the excel file then click next.

4.  On the "Settings" Page, Make sure the "No mapping" option is selected under "Initial Mapping". Click "Next".

5.  On the "Mapping" page, confirm that all the fields match up with correct column headers from the excel file. Make sure that the drop-down value (from the Excel File column headers) match up with the intended field. If the dealer did not enter a column, you can select "<Ignore>" for that column in the drop-down list. After the fields match up, click "Next".

6.  On the "Results" page, view the results of the import.  Notifications, warnings and errors will be shown here.

What's Next

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