How Do I Terminate A Reseller?

Credentials required: Gatekeeper
Goal: Learn how to terminate resellers after being approved.
Resellers must be "Approved" in order to make this status change.
1.  On the “Review Resellers” page, click the company name of the reseller you would like to Terminate.

2.  After selecting the desired reseller,  a new window will take you to the "Reseller Details" page.

3.  On the "Reseller Details" page,  scroll down to Gatekeeper Utilities, expand the drop down menu and select "Terminate" on the list.

4.  After choosing Terminate, click “Apply Status” next to the drop-down list.
Termination is a book-keeping status used to identify resellers that have had their agreement or addendum ended. Legal must also communicate a formal notice of termination to the Reseller. A PDF of the communication can be uploaded to the Reseller's Portal profile. You can only Terminate Approved resellers.

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