How Do I Approve Or Deny A Reseller?

Credentials required: Gatekeeper
Goal: Learn how to approve or deny resellers after registration.
1.  On the “Review Resellers” page, click the company name of the reseller you would like to approve or deny.

2.  After selecting the desired reseller,  a new window will take you to the "Reseller Details" page.

3.  On the "Reseller Details" page,  scroll down to Gatekeeper Utilities, expand the drop down menu and click either “Approve” or “Deny” in the drop-down list.

4.  After choosing approve or deny, click “Apply Status” next to the drop-down list.
Approval and Denial takes effect immediately in the portal. Approving or denying a reseller triggers an email notification to be sent to the reseller notifying them of this status change.

What's Next

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