How to add a vendor's full catalog


 August 25, 2011

 Links to full catalogs appear on the Pricesheet Downloads page, under the page title and above the pricesheet table.

 1)       To add a full catalog link:
Go to the Download Pricesheets page in Edit mode.
        b. Click Add Link.
            i. Enter Title (the phrase that the dealer will click on).
            ii. Assuming that you have the catalog file on your PC:
                - Link Type is File on Your Site.
                - File Location is Mktg.
                - Click Upload New File.  Browse to the file on your PC and click Open.  Click Upload Selected File.  File Name should be the catalog file.
            iii. Open Link In New Browser Window?  YES
            iv. Click Update.

 2)       Notes:
        a. You must select the Mktg folder in order to see the Upload New File link.
The Mktg folder is the same folder that you can access with FTP (FileZilla).
        c. You may use other Link Types as desired.
At the time of this writing, dealer brand access is not yet implemented for full catalogs.