How to produce UMAP Grids or an MSRP Price Sheet

The Pricing Grid Manager is primarily intended to publish ongoing UMAP &/or 'Promotional' UMAP (PMAP) documents for a given set of products. It can also be used to publish a MSRP price sheet with no UMAP column displayed. To print a UMAP Grid or MSRP price sheet:

1 - Review your product data to insure it is current and accurate. You may download it from a link in the top, 'Adding Product', paragraph on the Product Manager page.

2 - Update product data as required either one at a time from the Product Manager page OR upload new &/or revised data for multiple products from an Excel file using the Bulk Product Import page.

  • If replacing all product data you can first delete any existing, old product data to insure none survives.
  • Bulk importing (or updating) product data will automatically add any new categories if the 'Category Name' is not recognized. 'Frame' is not the same category as 'Frames'. Be sure any current categories in the product upload file exactly match the category names already in use to avoid duplicates or variants. You can review current category names on the Category Manager page.
  • A template for the Excel upload file can be found in the top, 'Adding Product' paragraph on the Product Manager page.
  • When doing any bulk product import the 'Web Search' column MUST indicate either 'No' or 'False' for any product that does not fall under a UMAP policy OR either 'Yes' or 'True' for any product that does fall under a UMAP policy.

3 - Once your product data is up to date click the "Pricing Grid Manager" link on the Admin menu.

4 - Click the "Start Pricing Grid Wizard" button below the list of UMAP Grids &/or other price sheet documents.

5 - On the "Basic Settings" page name the document (i.e.: "Seasonal Promo Grid", "UMAP Grid", "MSRP Price Sheet", etc.), add start and end dates then select (or upload) a logo to display. Click 'Next' when done.

6 - On the "Layout" page choose a product sort order, select the specific columns to display or exclude, then add appropriate header and footer text &/or disclaimers as required. Click 'Next' when done.

  • The 'Promo' (PMAP) column is selected by default.
  • For an MSRP only price sheet uncheck the promo column so it is not displayed.

7 - On the "Product Choice" page select which products to include in the document.

  • Expand each individual category as needed to select a subset of specific products.
  • Checking 'All Categories/Products' at the top of the listings includes all products in the database.

8 - Click "Finish" and a pop-up opens that displays the new document. If pop ups are blocked you may not see the document. In this case return to the Grid Manager main page where you will find it in the list of UMAP Grids &/or other price sheet documents and click its 'View' button to open it in a new browser tab.

9 - You can always go back and EDIT UMAP Grids &/or other price sheet documents to modify the layout, spacing and formatting of the header and/or footer, add or delete products, etc.until the layout and other content are just as you wish.

  • To revise a document return to the "Pricing Grid Manager" page and select the Edit link for the document you wish to modify.
  • Clicking the 'Edit' link opens the 'Basic Settings' page. You can then click through each page, modifying as you go.
  • You may review a document and re-edit as many times as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Separate price grids with the UMAP field displayed, "UMAP Grids", should be produced for all products that fall under a standing UMAP policy. In addition, separate, timely "Promotional UMAP Grids" should be produced in advance for all planned, promotional events as the Internet Monitoring system uses the pricing in these documents during the specified effective dates to calculate any variance from UMAP for monitored products.