How do I terminate a reseller? (Gatekeeper Only)

Termination is a book-keeping status used to identify resellers that have had their agreement or addendum ended. Legal must also communicate a formal notice of termination to the Reseller. A PDF of the communication can be uploaded to the Reseller's Portal profile. You can only Terminate Approved resellers.

To terminate a Reseller in the Portal, go to the "Review Resellers" page. Filter the dealers by "Approved".
Check the checkbox of the row with the dealer you wish to terminate. In the drop-down list, select "Terminate", then click "Checked."

Terminate Reseller
Reseller termination will take effect immediately in the portal.

If you terminate a reseller for their agreement, you will also want to terminate the dealer for any additional addendums if applicable (i.e. Internet, Warranty, etc).

If you do not see "Terminate" in the drop-down list and wish to terminate a reseller, please send a request to