How does a dealer apply for internet sales after they have signed the agreement?

For portals with an online internet application, the dealer will need to follow these steps to apply for internet sales and sign the internet addendum.

1) Log in to the portal with their username and password.

2) Select "My Profile" in the horizontal gray bar, then click the "Basic Profile" link in the "Reseller Status" box.

3) Review the profile pages and select "Save & Continue" to proceed through the profile pages until they see the question: "Would you like to apply to be considered for Internet Sales Authorization?". Select "Yes" for the internet authorization question and click "Save & Continue" at the bottom of the page.

5) The next page will allow the dealer to review the Internet Sales Addendum & Key Points. At the bottom of that page, they should click "I Agree" after reviewing the addendum.

6) The next page will allow the dealer to fill out the "Internet Reseller Profile" questions. Click "Save & Continue".

7) Continue reviewing and clicking "Save & Continue" until the dealer reaches the "Business Locations" page. At the bottom of the "Business Locations" page, they will have the opportunity to click "Submit Registration".

8) Finally, they will see the "Thank You" page and receive an email notification that their registration was submitted. They will now appear as unapproved until the gatekeeper either approves or denies their application for internet sales.