How Do I Bulk Import Dealer Locations? (Gatekeeper only)

Importing Dealer Locations is a multi-step process.

1) The dealer should fill out the Excel Location Template file to specify all their additional locations. The dealer can always download the latest template file on the "Business Locations" page of the reseller portal. Review the file and confirm that the phone numbers are entered in the correct format (XXX-XXX-XXXX). If they are populated, the "Appear In Locator" and "Ship To Location" columns should contain either TRUE or FALSE.

2) Log in as a gatekeeper, and go to your "Site Admin" page.

3) Click "Bulk Location Import" under the "Review Resellers" page on the left side of the "Site Admin" page.

4) First, enter the User name to which you want to add locations then click the "Validate User Name" button.

5) On the second page of the bulk import wizard, upload your template file from the dealer. Browse to the Excel file on your computer, then click "Next".

6) On the next page of the wizard, make sure "No Mapping" is selected, and click "Next"

7) The mapping page is the most important page. If you use the standard template, you just need to confirm that all the fields match up on this page as below. Make sure that the drop-down value (from the Excel File column headers) match up with the intended field. If the dealer did not enter a column, you can select "<Ignore>" for that column in the drop-down list. After the fields match up, click "Next".

8) The final page will display the results of the import and let you know if there are any errors or warnings. If everything imported properly, you will see the following:

9) Finally, you can review the newly entered locations on the "Reseller Details" page.