Anti-Spam Tips

I'm sure you've all seen a bogus email from 'UPS' about a pending delivery or one appearing to be from 'PayPal' telling you a transfer has been made and enticing you to "See Details Here" or perhaps you've seen another similar and very legitimate looking email message where you *almost* clicked a link... but hopefully didn't.

Take a moment to look at the URL that pops up when you hover over a link -
you'll see the destination URL it connects to. Please do NOT click the link when you see a URL to an unrelated site...

Don't respond to 'unsubscribe' links on spam that does reach you
. Regardless of the wording in the spam, never respond to unsubscribe facilities offered within the spam. Instead of unsubscribing you from their lists, you will get more spam, as the spammers will now know that you have an active email account, and read through spam messages. You email address is now worth much more to them (and to others who they trade their email address collections with).

Advise us of any Spam patterns. We can set up custom 'content' filters for your mail domain that hold messages meeting the criteria so they do not deliver to your Outlook or other, local PC  mail client. These custom filters can include key words singly or in combination in the subject, body, email addresses in the 'TO' or 'FROM' fields, etc. and greatly reduce this nuisance traffic. Trapped messages are held in your web mail box 'Junk Folder' online.

If you didn't know you have an online junk folder Find out how to check it here. This article could use an update since later versions of your email server software, "SmarterMail", look different but the ideas and what you do are still the same.

Keep your email address private whenever you can. Spam can only be sent to you if the spammers discover your email address. Email addresses on our web pages are normally 'spoofed' so as to be unreadable to address harvesting spam-bots but you may want to replace your email address on your website with a 'generic' email address you can forward only filtered, cleaned email from.

Only give your address out to trusted contacts.

Use a secondary email address for all public web activity. If you need to use an email address for web page submissions, blogs, forums and other purposes, get a free email account at AOL mail, Hotmail or GMail. Any of these free services give you a ''spare' email address to use so your real, primary email remains undisclosed.