How do I move a reseller to Incomplete? (Gatekeepers only)

If a reseller has registered with an incorrect pass code, or the agreement has been updated, you may want to move a reseller to incomplete and force them to re-register or re-sign the reseller agreement.

1) First, the reseller must be "Unapproved"
2) Click through to the reseller details page from the "Review Resellers" page by clicking on the reseller's company name.
3) At the bottom of the reseller details page, select "Incomplete" then, click "Apply Status". There will be a confirmation box popup to insure that this is what the gatekeeper is intending.
4) Click "OK" in the popup box. The window will close, and the reseller will be in the incomplete group. You will need to refresh the "Review Resellers" page in order to see the changes.