Please explain the Product Document import.

This article assumes knowledge of Import Products (Basic or Advanced) as well as experience manually editing a product.  The Import Product Documents function is usually accesible from the Import Bulk Data section of the Site Admin page.

Before importing, the PDF files should be FTP’ed to the same drop box as product images.  As with images, when the document is imported, it will be moved out of that directory.


This is sample data for a real product -
Product Import ID: APC C10BLK
Document Name: Product Sheet
File: C2_C2C_C5_C10_Spec Sheet.pdf
Primary: TRUE


Compared to manual editing of product documents:
1 - Document Name is the same.
2 - File is the same, except the path is omitted for import.
3 - Document Type is not included in the import process.
4 - The Primary field is not visible on screen until after a document is added.  The concept is similar to primary image.  When there are multiple documents, only the primary document is displayed on the product summary page.


Also, you can import a single document using Import Products (Advanced).