The printer-friendly line card is out of date. How do I make it current?

A link to the 'printer-friendly line card' usually appears on the top of the Brand page (sometimes called the Suppliers or Products page).  It links to a PDF file on the server.

The line card PDF file is not automatically updated when Brands are added, changed, or deleted.  The Site Administrator must update the line card PDF file as a separate process.

How to update the line card pdf file:

1)  Login as site administrator, and go to the Site Admin page.
2)  In the Market & Communicate to your Audience section, click on Generate Printer-Friendly Line Card.  Accept the default settings, and click Next.
3)  Click View to see the results.  If desired, click Back to change layout settings and run again.
4)  When the results are satisfactory, click Done.

If necessary, press Ctrl-F5 to refresh the PDF file in your browser.