Retrieving E-mail Accross Multiple Devices

A common question today is from users with multiple devices retrieving the same E-mail messages from their corporate mail account, “How can I get my messages on all my devices?"

If you retrieve messages using a locally installed mail client like Microsoft’s Outlook or the like then, typically, message retrieval moves the actual message file down from the mail server to your own PC. Once moved it no longer exists ‘in the cloud’ and is unavailable directly to other devices. Although there are third party services that copy all your messages and contacts into their own ‘cloud’ and synchronize selected devices from there, you can have other devices directly retrieve the same messages from the primary email server. To do this you need to leave the message(s) on the primary email server at least for a day or two until the other devices have copied those same messages.

In outlook under Internet E-mail Settings you can elect how long to leave messages on the server

Depending on the version of Outlook you get tho these slightly differently but if you go to Outlook help and search ‘Internet e-mail settings’ or ‘Advanced Settings’ to see how to locate these settings.

Make sure to specify the length of time to leave messages on the server. If you do not specify the time messages are left on the server messages will accumulate and eventually fill your mailbox, regardless of the size.

Setting this to 10 days allows all your devices to retrieve the messages locally before they are removed from the server.