How to add images in the online editor

How to add images in the online editor:

STEP 1)  Click Edit Content to get into the editor.  Click on the Image icon.  (It is the first icon in the second group of icons.  It looks like a landscape, with hills and sun.) The Image Manager will popup.

STEP 2) Select a server directory on the left, either Mktg or Uploads.  The images in the directory will be listed in the middle, under Filename.

STEP 3) If the desired image is not listed, click Upload.  An Upload box will popup.  Click Select.  Browse to the desired image on your computer, and click Open.  Click Upload to close the Upload popup and return to the Image Manager.  The image file will appear on the directory list.

STEP 4) Select the desired image from the directory list in the middle. The image will be displayed on the right. Click Insert to insert the image into the editor.

NOTE) If desired, FTP images to the Mktg directory instead of executing Step 3.