How to update the dealer application

The dealer application is typically a pdf file that resides on the server.  This article explains how to install a new or updated dealer application file on the server.

To update the dealer application:
Rename the new file to dealerApplication.pdf
Use FileZilla to connect to the server, using the Marketing account (not the Dropbox account).
You will see the previous dealerApplication.pdf file in the right pane.
- Upload the new file.
-  If you are asked about overwriting the existing file, say yes.
-  Disconnect and exit FileZilla.


- If desired, you may use another FTP program.
- FTP login information (host, username, password) was provided when the site was created.
- On some sites, the dealer application file may have a different name.  To determine the filename, go to the website and click on the link to the dealer application.  The dealer application will open in a new tab or window.  The filename is at the end of the url in the browser's address bar.